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Fifth place at the Swiss Championships

This years Swiss Championships where held at the Lenzerheide where i had a solid race and finished fifth.

It’s a long time since there was the last XC-Race at the Lenzerheide – 1994 it was Ned Overend who won the Worldcup there! My Teammanager Frischi got 2nd there behind Ned – as he told me the Course must have looked quite diffrent back then... There „Startloop“ was a huge Climb up to the Rothorn where they had a pretty long Lap to do with even more Climbing... Oldschool!

Our Course did’nt had that much Climbing like they had in the Olddays but was still not easy at all! I had a good Start but could’nt hold Nino’s Tempo at all. Until the first half i was alway in a Group around third Position and ended up fith in the end.

With the Nationals the first half of the Season – which wasnt that sucsessful form e – ends now. There are no races the next two Weekends and this will give me the Opportunity to do a nice Buildup towards the second part of the Season. My next Race will be the Andorra-Worldcup!

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